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Others -Palm-Wax

  • Others -Palm-Wax
Others -Palm-Wax
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Chemical Name: Vegetable wax
Abbrev: Palm wax  

Technical Specification: 
Appearance: Solid with white to light yellow color 
Acid number:4 
Saponification Value:78-95 
Iodin Value:5-14 
Melting Point:80-86 
Penetrating Degree (25°C):< 1 
Specific Gravity(25°C):0.997 

Performance and application:    
Luster: It is widely used in filming sugar-coat chocolate, grain chewing gum and nutritional troche products in pharmaceuticals, and also in auto wax, floor wax, leather polish and etc. 
It also has good performance in emulsification, adherence, attrition, dishaping, smoothening, and adjusting the viscidity and rigidity. It is one of the mostly used natural wax in the world. 
It has become well recognized since late 1800s. At the beginning, it was only widely used in floor wax, and then applied in carbon paper, ribbon of printer and polish, and exported to other countries all over the world. At present, it plays important role in information record, eletric component and all kinds of advanced technique fields, as important functional material. 

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