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Others -Allantoin

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Others -Allantoin
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Chemical Name: Acetaldehyde Diacyl Thiourea Diacyl Thiourea 

Abbrev: Allantoin  

Technical Specification: 
Appearance:White crystal powder 
PH Value:4.0-7.0 
Melting Point:228-232℃ 
Loss on Drying(%)≤0.5 
Ignition Residual(%)≤0.1 
Heavy Metal(mg/kg)≤10 

Performance and application: 
It is a kind of odorless smellless white crystal. It dissolves a little in cold water, but much more with higher temperature, and dissolves in sparse ethanol and glycerine, not in ethanol, chloroform, aether and other organic solvents. PH value of its saturated aqueous solution is 5.5. 
It can be directly used in pharmaceuticals, and also can be additive, to cure various skin disease, accelerate the growing of skin cell, improve the healing of wound and ease pain. It can be used to cure gastritis and duodenum ulcer disease. 
In light industry, it can be used directly and indirectly to be additive of cosmetics and other daily chemical products (such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap). It has functions of lubricating, protecting tissue, hydrophile and preventing water from dissipating. 
What' more, it can be used as material to make vanillin, hydroxy benzhexol and etc. 

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