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Antiseptics -WM-8403-Propyl-Paraben

  • Antiseptics -WM-8403-Propyl-Paraben
Antiseptics -WM-8403-Propyl-Paraben
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Chemical Name: Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate

Abbrev: Butyl Paraben

Technical Specification: 

Technical Indexes: 

Appearance: Coloerless crytals or white crytalline powder 

Content(on dry base (%):99.0-100.5 

Acidity: Qualified  

Melting point(℃): 96-99

Ignition Residue(% ) ≤0.1

Performance and application: 

Property and Application: 

Powder, common preservative in cosmetics, high safety 

Packing Spec.: 20 kg/fiber drum  

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