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Antiseptics -Kathon

  • Antiseptics -Kathon
Antiseptics -Kathon
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Chemical Name: 5-Chlorine-2-methyl-4-Heterothiazoline-3-ketone & 2-methyl-4-heterothiazoline-3-ketone 

Abbrev: Kathon

Technical Specification: 

Technical Indexes: 

Appearance: Light yellow liquid 
PH Value(25ºC):'2-6 
Concentration of Active Matter(%)≥2.5 
Performance and application: 


Property and Application: 

This product is the hydrotropic solution of above mentioned mixture .It's appearance is light amber and smell is normal.Its relative density is (20/4℃)1.19,viscosity is (23℃)5.0mPa.s, freezing point -18-21.5℃,pH3.5-5.0. It is easily dissolved in water. 
This product is mainly used in cosmetics for anti-corrotion.As it is in low posssion,but large scale of antibacterial and has fine results.Itscompatibility is fine with cosmetic material .Easily dissolved in water , and it could be added directly.

Packing Spec.: 10 kg/box

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