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Surfactants -WM-PKOD-6501

  • Surfactants -WM-PKOD-6501
Surfactants -WM-PKOD-6501
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Chemical Name: Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Diethanolamide 

Abbrev: PKOD 6501 

Technical Specification: 

Technical Indexes: 

Appearance: Light yellow liquid 
PH Value(10% ethanol solution)≤9-11 
Dissociated Diacetamide (MgKOH/g)≤30 
Amine(Dihydroxyethyl Amine,%)≤10 
Active Substance Content(%)≥80 


Performance and application:

Property and Application: 

It is maily used in liquid lotion,shampoo and cosmetics.It will moisten skin,and keep skin from degreasing by lotion.It can be used as wool lotion in textile industry; while used in whetting industry ,it is a kind of excellent decontaminating,antisepticizing ,and antirusting agent , and W/O emulsifier in cream. 
PALM KERNEL FATTY ACID DIEIHANOL AMIDE is a very effective foam adder and stabilizer, and improves the effetiveness of other furfactant. It has great performance in improving cleaning effect and densifying the liquid product.  

Packing Spec.: 200 kg/drum

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