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Surfactants -WM-CAB-35---200-kgplastic-drum

  • Surfactants -WM-CAB-35---200-kgplastic-drum
Surfactants -WM-CAB-35---200-kgplastic-drum
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Chemical Name: Cocamidopropyl Betaine  

Abbrev: CAB-35

Technical Specification: 

Technical Indexes: 

Appearance: light yellow color liquid with transparent 
Solid Content(%): 35±2 
Active Substance Content(%): 30±1 
PH Value (10% water solution): 4.5--6.0 
Dissociated Amine Content(%) ≤ 0.5 


Performance and application:

Property and Application: 

It has little stimulation, densifying and foaming.It can be used as cleaning agent of dish lotion, clothes lotion,and neutral or oil or alkali lotion, and also confecting agent of shampoo and body cleaning agent. 

Packing Spec.: 200 kg/plastic drum

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