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Surfactants -WM-(COD)6501

  • Surfactants -WM-(COD)6501
Surfactants -WM-(COD)6501
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Chemical Name: Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanolamide

Abbrev: COD 6501

Technical Specification: 

Technical Indexes: 

Appearance: Light yellow liquid 
PH Value (10% ethanol solution) ≤ 9-11 
Dissociated Diacetamide (MgKOH/g) ≤ 30 
Amine(Dihydroxyethyl Amine,%) ≤ 10 
Active Substance Content(%) ≥ 80

Performance and application:

Property and Application: 

It is maily used in liquid lotion, shampoo and cosmetics. It will moisten skin, and keep skin from degreasing by lotion. It can be used as wool lotion in textile industry; while used in whetting industry, it is a kind of excellent decontaminating, antisepticizing, and antirusting agent, and W/O emulsifier in cream. 
It is an effective foaming agent and foam stabilizer. It can help other surfactant improve effect, and cleaning effectiveness, and also improve the viscidity of liquid products.  

Packing Spec.: 200 kg/drum

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