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Cationic Conditioners -WM-M550

  • Cationic Conditioners -WM-M550
Cationic Conditioners -WM-M550
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Chemical Name: Polyquaternium-7  

Abbrev: M550
Technical Specification: 
Technical Indexes: 
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow Viscid Liquid 
PH Value(25ºC): 5.0-8.0 
Solid Content(105ºC ,3h,%)≥ 8.5 
Viscidity(25ºC,mpa.s): 7500-15000 

Performance and application: 
Property and Application: 
1. It can be effectively used in shampoo and hair washing cream with low density. It can strengthen and stabilize shampoo foam, and endow hair with excellent moist, easy brushing and gloss without excessiveness. It is suggested to add 0.5% to 5% or less density in shampoo.   
2. During the styling process of hair styling glue or liquid, it can guarantee high smoothness, keep curly hair fixed not loose, and also gentle, healthy and glossy both in appearance but also in touching. It is suggested to add 1% to 5%.   
3. While used in skin care products, shaving cream or bath lotion, bathe products and deodorizer. It is suggested to add 0.5%-5%. 

Packing Spec.: 60 kg/Plastic drum  

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