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Cationic Conditioners -WM-1631

  • Cationic Conditioners -WM-1631
Cationic Conditioners -WM-1631
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Chemical Name: Hexadecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride 

Abbrev: 1631 

Technical Specification: 
Technical Indexes: 
Appearance: Cream with white to light yellow color 
PH Value (1% water solution): 5.0-9.0 
Active Substance Content (%):70±2.0 
Dissociated Amine(%) ≤ 2.0 

Performance and application: 
Property and Application: 
It is solid with light yellow color, and easy to dissolve in isopropyl alcohol and water. It can well match with positive ion, non-ion, and zwitterionic surfactant, but cannot be used together with negative ion surfactant. It is not suitable to be heated above 120°C. It can be emulsifier of natural, compound rubber, silicon oil and pitch; anlistatig, softening agent of synthetic fibre, natural faric and fibre glass; terylene silkening assistant; leather grease agent; opsonin of hair care cream; activator of transferring; disinfector of silkworm utensil in silkworm room; bestrow agent of organic bentonite and etc. 

Packing Spec.: 175 kg/drum  

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