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Greases -WM-GTCC

  • Greases -WM-GTCC
Greases -WM-GTCC
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Chemical Name: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride 

Abbrev: GTCC
Technical Specification: 
Technical Indexes: 
Colour and Lustre (APHA): 40 MAX 
Density at 20℃ (g/m3): 0.930-0.960 
Refractive Index (20℃): 1.445-1.451 
Viscosity value at 20℃ (mPa.s): 25.0-33.0 
Acid Value (mgKOH/g): 0.10 MAX 
Iodine Value (mgKOH/g): 1.0 MAX 
Water Content (%): 0.1 MAX 
Saponification Value (mgKOH/g): 325.0~345.0 
Peroxide Value (meq/g): 1.0 MAX 
Sulphated (Ash) (%): 0.1 MAX 
Hydroxyl Value (mgKOH/g): 5 MAX 

Performance and application: 
Property and Application: 
It is very easy to be absorbed by skin, so it has good function to make cosmetics to be more even and tiny, and make skin more smooth and bright. It has low viscidity, which allows it to be basic material of moist factor, stablizer, antifreeze and evener of cosmetics. 
It can be used in cosmetics to make hair brighter, smoother and easier  to brush; also can be used in lipstics, rouge, shaving cream to change the decentralization and light and luster. 

Packing Spec.: 190 kg/barrel  

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