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Greases -WM-8055-8155

  • Greases -WM-8055-8155
Greases -WM-8055-8155
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Chemical Name: Petroleum Album 

Abbrev: Petroleum Album
Technical Specification: 
Technical Indexes: 
Appearance: White paste 
Density (70℃,g/m3): 0.76~0.82 
Melting Point (oC): 45~58 
Kinematic viscosity (100℃,mPa.s): 8~18 
Oil Dividing (48℃,24H): NIL 

Performance and application: 
Property and Application: 
It is white translucent ointment, which is smooth and greasy, and somewhat drawbenching and viscid. When spreading on skin, it is odorless. It dissolves in chloroform, ethanol and solvent petroleum (with boiling point between 40℃ to 60℃ ), not in water and  ethanol (96%). It is widely used to make pharmaceutical ointment and material of skin care cream. 

Packing Spec.: 165 kg /drum  

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