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We, Guangzhou Hanglian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, with headquarter in Guangzhou city, founded in 1996, take charge of sales, supply variety of goods to our customers, and also built up a standard warehouse in Guangzhou.

Our branch factory, Zhejiang Wumei Biotechnology Co., Ltd, locates in Lanxi city, Zhejiang Province. It is professional in producing various cosmetic & detergent raw materials, pharmaceutical & food supplementary materials, personal care materials.
Guangzhou Hanglian Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. to be established in 1996, is a specialized large-scale fine industrial chemicals synthesis supplier, the product involves the cosmetics, food, the medicine, domains and so on coating, rubber; The company serves under somebody's banner has the Zhejiang beautiful chemical Limited company and the Zhejiang beautiful biotechnology Limited company two factories, the main research and development, the production fat class, the emulsifier class and the surface active agent class and so on everyday use industrial chemicals, widely apply in the wash, the skin care, protects sends with domains and so on cosmetics.

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