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Pearling Agent -WM-EGDS

  • Pearling Agent -WM-EGDS
Pearling Agent -WM-EGDS
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Chemical Name: Ethylene Glycol Distearate 

Abbrev: EGDS 

Technical Specification: 

Technical Indexes: 

Appearance: Slice solid with white to yellowish color 
Melting Point(℃)≥62.0 
Acid  Value(mgkoh/g)≤6.0 
Saponification Value(mg/g):190~210 
Loss on Drying (%)≤3.0


Performance and application:

Property and Application: 

It is esterified directly form glycol and stearic acid under the action of activator . It can be used as pearlescing agent and opacifier in shampoo,bath lotion and other  cleaning and cosmetic products.It will improve the aesthetic feeling of products, and improve the treating function in shampoo. 

Packing Spec.: 20 kg/woven bag 

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