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Cationic Conditioners -WM-M3330

  • Cationic Conditioners -WM-M3330
Cationic Conditioners -WM-M3330
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Chemical Name: Polyquaternium-39 

Abbrev: M3330 

Technical Specification: 
Technical Indexes: 
Appearance: Colorless Stringy Liquid 
PH Value (25ºC): 5.0-8.0 
Solid Content(%): 10±1.0 
Viscidity(25ºC,mps.s):  5000-15000 

Performance and application: 
1. In hair care product:  
  ① It is suitable for multi-ion and negative ion surfactant, and matching with ALS,AES, SLES and alkyl lycine etc.  
  ② While added in shampoo, it can remarkably improve the brushing, moistening, gentleness and gloss of the hair.  
  ③ It can reduce or restrict static electricity, so suitable for cosmetics and active agent of marcel.  
  ④ It owns wide range of PH value, so as to provide good opsonin product for hair.  
  ⑤ The common adding proportion is between 2% to 10% in hair care product, according to the application and demand.   
2. In skin care product:  
It can be added in bath lotion and bath-after cream, such as moistening cream, sun block cream, shaving cream, which will give skin a sense of silk, smooth but not greasy. It can be used in all range of PH value, with adding 1% to 6%.
Packing Spec.: 60 kg/Plastic drum  

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